About Us

The Hutchinson Chapter of the U.S. Junior Chamber (Jaycees) is a non-profit/civic volunteer organization committed to supporting youth in the community of Hutchinson. Our fundraising efforts and monies raised are returned to the youth.

Our Mission

We work together as young adults (ages 21 – 40) to help each other build skills such as leadership, business development, volunteerism, and interpersonal communication.  We are developing the next generation of leaders by providing opportunities to volunteer and take initiative in our community.  We motivate others towards success in the organization, at their workplaces, and in their personal lives.

We are actively involved in promoting and facilitating community events with a focus on children’s activities. Some of our events include:

  • Punt, Pass, and Kick
  • Babysitting Clinic
  • Bike, Blade, and Board Bonanza
  • Sandbox Fill
  • Activities at the Hutchinson Jaycee Water Carnival

The Jaycee Creed

That faith in God gives meaning and
purpose to human life;
That the brotherhood of man transcends
the sovereignty of nations;
That economic justice can best be won by
free men through free enterprise;
That government should be of laws
rather than of men;
That earth’s great treasure lies in
human personality;
And that service to humanity is the
best work of life.


Donations awarded in the past have supported newspaper subscriptions for local elementary schools, Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts, Hutchinson Police, Dollars for Scholars, Easter Egg Hunt, and youth athletic teams. In the most recent year, we have purchased a new playground system at the Jaycee Riverside Park. Our mission is to positively impact the lives of the youth in Hutchinson. We organize these fundraisers so that we can donate funds for youth activities in our community.

In past years, we have donated:

  • 2010: $27,910
  • 2011: $25,565
  • 2012: $15,035 with $560 in helmets for our local youth
  • 2013: $10,119 with $925 in helmets…

We love giving back!

We look forward to having you as an active new member in our organization and believe in your future success.